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Crystal View Chemicals was founded in 2002. Our first product launch was a Headlight Restoration Kit which can be found at

We were the first company to create a Patent Pending Headlight Restoration System that not only removed the damaged plastic, but also incorporated a sealer specifically created to replace the factory’s laminate protection. Up until the introduction of our Headlight Restoration product, the only methods available were simple sanding, or compounding.

The “sealers” available on the market were regular auto waxes, glazes or even wood varnish. Our product was the first, and still the only do-it-yourself lens restorer on the market to offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Our retail partners include Wal-Mart, Sam’s Clubs, K-Mart/Sears, Advance Auto Parts, and many other independent retailers across the country. Ours is the only lens restorer to be used in National chains to provide headlight restoration as a service to the customers in the Wal-Mart Tire & Lube Centers, and Sam’s Club Tire & Battery Centers. We have brought this same innovative, revolutionary approach to exterior automotive protection.

With the introduction of Nano-Diamond Shield, we have created the world’s first aerosol nano-glass particle auto protection. Our product can be applied to EVERY surface on the outside of your vehicle, including: paint, glass, trim, plastic, metal, rubber, and vinyl or canvas tops. Nano-Diamond Shield will protect all hard, non-porous materials and will never leave any white residue.The nanosilica particles attaches to all hard, non-porous surfaces and form cross-linking molecular bonds that provides better-than-wax protection for 12-months.

Overspray will not harm nor discolor any materials and will leaves paint glossy and shiny for 12-months.  Hardens painted surfaces to 4-H to prevent future swirl marks that usually occur during waxing.  Extremely resistant to UV, Acid Rain, Chemicals, Bugs, Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, etc… Just use Nano-Diamond Shield once a year and receive amazing results on the following surfaces:

  • Wheels – Brake dust will just rinse off with water.
  • Glass – Water will bead-up and run off for 12-months.
  • Trim – Provides the highest level of UV protection to eliminate fading.

The entire process takes less than 20-minutes per year.

You just walk around the vehicle spraying Nano-Diamond Shield on every surface you want to protect. When you are done, you just wipe off the haze with a cloth. No buffing, no polishing. That’s it! You are done for a year!! Overspray is no problem. Nano-Diamond Shield will not leave any residue, or adversely affect any surface. While it will not benefit rubber or cloth, neither will it harm them in any way. There is no need to mask off any surface. The only similar products must be applied by a trained professional with a compressor and paint-gun in a dust-free paint booth. They can only be applied to paint, so all glass, wheels, and convertible tops must be masked off to prevent overspray and it must be cured for hours under high-intensity industrial UV lamps.


Try Nano-Diamond Shield once, and you will never go back to wax again.

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