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Dear Customer,

To make our process more effective, and easier to perform, we have modified the damage removal (sanding) steps very slightly:

Our video instructs you to apply a pea-sized amount of CV-#1 to the sandpaper. The new method uses water with the sandpaper, and saves the CV-#1 for the polishing stage just prior to sealing the lens with CV-#2.

You can use a water-misting bottle to keep the surface moist during sanding, or simply keep some water in a bowl and sprinkle a few drops onto the sandpaper when necessary.

Most of our kits now have written directions with the new method. If you have a kit with the old directions, donít worry. The product is the same; we have just substituted water for the damage removal portion of the restoration.

Click here to view the newly updated directions.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Enjoy Your Like-New Headlights!